Accurate ultrasound dating conception updating deers information

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” it’s tough until you get a positive pregnancy test to know for sure.If you’ve gotten a positive pregnancy test and are trying to determine if or when you’ve gotten pregnant, it’s important to understand just how ovulation and conception works.Implantation is the process in which a fertilized egg becomes embedded in the uterus and starts to grow.

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One of them may be wondering exactly when you conceived.Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to determine the exact day you got pregnant.Even if you only had sex one time during your cycle and became pregnant, it’s possible that the day you had sex was not the day you conceived.If you don’t know this, a doctor can estimate the gestational age with an ultrasound or through a physical exam.All estimates, even by doctors, are “best guesses” and cannot tell you the actual day you conceived, due to varying growth rates of babies and differences in women’s individual menstrual cycles.

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