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Before you get started, ensure that you have mercurial installed.This page contains information on how to download and use Jvolve.For more details refer to our PLDI 2009 paper, "Dynamic Software Updates: A VM-centric Approach" PDF bibtex.Source code is maintained using Mercurial, a distributed version control system.Our technique is based on the use of proxy classes and requires no support from the runtime system.The technique allows for updating a running Java program by substituting, adding, and deleting classes.Using JVOLVE, we successfully applied dynamic continuous updates corresponding to 20 of the 22 releases that occurred over nearly two years ’ time, one update per release, for three open-source programs, Jetty web server, Java Email Server, and Cross FTP server.Our results indicate that the VM is well-suited to support practical DSU services.

By piggybacking on classloading and garbage collection, JVOLVE can flexibly support additions and replacements of fields and methods anywhere within the class hierarchy, and in a manner that may alter class signatures.Software evolves to fix bugs and add features, but stopping and restarting existing programs to take advantage of these changes can be inconvenient and costly.Dynamic software updating (DSU) addresses these problems by updating programs while they run.There are three components (and their corresponding repositories) that you need to download.They are Jvolve has been tested to work on ia32-osx and ia32-linux platforms. Jvolve's requirements are the same as those of Jikes RVM.

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