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He was a true gentleman who was kind, generous, helpful and not seeking anything in return. I am in love with Morocco and I will never for a minute regret moving here.

When the day comes in which I must depart, I will leave with a sad and heavy heart.

Let me preface this by stating that I am not a shy or coy person. I’ve traveled alone (prior to having my son) all over the world visiting four continents and over 20 countries.

I can hold my own and I’m not afraid to advocate for myself or anyone else.

Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco and this black-and-white movie made this city well-known in the world.

Morocco is a gem in North Africa, not only because it’s often described in popular culture, but also because there are many beautiful women in Morocco.

Morocco is one of the most diverse nations on the African continent, with rugged mountains, the vast Saharan desert, southern valleys and gorges, miles of coastline that include both the Atlantic and Mediterranean, old medina city centres, souks, modern new cities and rural villages.

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In fact, if a guy wants to meet more models, he should spend more time near the venue of a fashion show, so he will be able to meet models there.

They seem to take it personally and will respond with statements such as, “This isn’t a Moroccan problem specifically, it happens everywhere,” or “You shouldn’t group all Moroccan men together,” or “If it’s better in your country, why live here? Street Harassment Street harassment is defined as a form of sexual harassment forced on a stranger in a public space without their consent.

” Yes, some of that is very true, but at best, those responses are deflective and unhelpful, and at worst, they fail to acknowledge the very real experiences women are having here. It includes catcalling, whistling, sexually explicit comments, sexist remarks, homophobic or transphobic slurs, groping, leering, stalking, flashing, sexual assault and rape.

I do not get used to it and I certainly do not become numb to it and I’d like nothing more than for something serious to be done to eradicate it.

In a nation that is 99% Muslim, that prides itself on strict reverence to family, high respect and regard for women, and modesty in behavior and dress, Morocco is far from faultless and has a long way to go on this issue.

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