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In a state of panic and dread, Micheletti called Allemand's boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson.He rushed to Allemand's apartment, where he found her unconscious, a vacuum cleaner cord wrapped around her neck.Gia loved him so much; she just lost it." Allemand spiraled into depression; after she threatened to throw herself out a window, Micheletti hospitalized her daughter, where Allemand was diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a condition that can lead to deep depression during a woman's menstrual cycle.(PMDD was added to the most recent version of the DSM, the official statistical manual used in psychiatric medicine; suicide is a risk of the condition.) Allemand never sought treatment.Audiences have become increasingly savvy to the work of editors and producers behind the scenes, something that Lifetime's dark comedy , plays up to great effect. "They have you fill out a multiple choice psych test, to find out everything you're afraid of," says Jesse Csincsak, 33, who proposed to Jillian Harris at the end of the fifth season of . The reality of the villain, though, is mostly likely attributable to some combination of forceful personality, naiveté, and careful editing rather than misbehavior — and the fact that she's been cast as the "villain" might not be immediately apparent to the contestant.(In its first season, a group of telegenic, perfectly coiffed women compete for the love of a wealthy British Prince Charming type; when the women fail to create enough drama naturally, producers step in to amp up the excitement, mining contestants' backgrounds for details to exploit and hiding contestants' much-needed mood stabilizers.) Most of her show is fictional, says producer, but during her time in reality television, there was "a culture of gravitating toward casting people that are a little more dramatic and a little less stable. "They ask you the same questions over and over and over, five different times, five different ways." If you've ever wondered why every person sent on a cozy date to a cave has claustrophobia, Csincsak believes the psychological questionnaire is meant to give producers insight into the contestants' fears for later use on dates."Oh, you're scared of heights? (Repeated requests to ask ABC about director Ken Fuchs calls his "army" — teams of cameramen, lighting techs, soundmen, and production assistants — staying vigilant for anything approximating drama. Season 15 contestant Michelle Money says she had no idea she was being pegged as the villain until the show's promos aired.(Multiple contestants attested that a counselor is available on set at all times.) The therapist "called me and told me what was going to happen and what to expect. While Money was given the "villain edit," other contestants have been portrayed as unhinged — like this season's Lace Morris, who was dubbed (by ABC!) as "50 shades of crazy" and season 17's Tierra Li Causi, who was called "Tierrable." Li Causi shrugs it off: "Every season has one," she says.

Season 15's Emily Maynard won when Bachelor Brad Womack presented her with a Neil Lane engagement ring, but her new relationship didn't last. "I kept counting down the days until the next season." While fans may love the emotional whirlwinds that have driven through 20 seasons, they may not fully understand the very real tension and anxiety that starring in the show can produce — and contestants swear the emotions are absolutely real.

This wasn't the first time a contestant from the franchise had attempted suicide.

Julien Hug, who competed on who was eliminated in the first episode, died from a drug overdose in an apparent suicide.

Neither Micheletti nor Hug's family blame the show for the loss of their children.

("It is of the family's opinion that his son's death had nothing to do with production company, Warner Horizon Television, did not respond to repeated requests for comment.) And it's not as if droves of the franchise's over 400 contestants have come forward to claim the show caused them emotional distress.

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