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My sound on my keyboard is turned all the way up, and the audio isn't muted (at least no check by the "muted" on the audio menu. Sony provides software updates in order to enhance functionalities and provide users with the latest TV experience.Below are some tips that should hopefully fix any issues you may be itunes and it's truly getting annoying, has there been a fix for it yet if does anyone know?

If your Blu-ray player does not play any discs, it may be due to a number of things from cables to settings on your TV.

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So perhaps this is a conflict between the new version of i Tunes and the new version of that control panel. What is particularly strange is that I get that error message from i Tunes even if I DO NOT have the "Use i Tunes as the default player for audio files" checked (in the "Preferences" box under "Advanced".

In other words, I am NOT trying to change the default player for audio files, but i Tunes STILL gives me an error message telling me I don't have the authority to make a change.

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