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I think the biggest thing we learned from Stardew Valley is that there’s an inherent value in [having] a game world that’s just charming to be in.Before you even start talking about the gameplay and the mechanics and everything else, am I in love with this game world? How do I put together a game world that really hits home, [that] I just want to spend my time in?""But inside and on top of that there’s a bunch of different facets of gameplay, and I think all of those are drawn on in individual games as well," Brice continues.

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I play this game for escapism and I feel like an awkward teenager going to school again! "I think it’s more fun when suddenly you’re caught off-guard and you thought you were living an idealised life and these characters have their own independence.""Yeah, I think that’s key," Brice adds.

But we know all of the surrounding lore now, more or less."At the moment, Chucklefish is figuring out what amusing situations they can put these characters into.

Spellbound's dating system will be more true-to-life, rather than playing out as an idealised romance, with some of the perils that come with that.

"The characters are a bit more independent, you might get dumped if you behave the wrong way." Don't necessarily expect Riverdale with witches and wizards, though.

"We want to hit close to home, but in a way provokes that intense nostalgia.

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