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Now come the questions like; ‘So you’re trans, I would have never known?

’ He begin looking around to see if anyone else is watching him.

He claims he had no idea the “she” was a “he.” She does look a lot like Kelly Rowland though…

Newly single beautiful actress Juliet Ibrahim shared two photos of herself with US singer Bobby Valentino with love emoticons on her instagram page.

More often than not the line continues as, but I always wanted to try.

Maybe he tells you the first time he saw a transgender porn film, or a nude image of a nude trans-girl and how he was so turned on.

We see it in the countless attempts to legislate our bodies, and bathroom usage.

Now you wonder did he know all along, as he continues telling you of his fantasies of one day meeting a rare unicorn. As my mother once said, it must not be up to the man how far to go with a woman, because if it was, he’d definitely go all the way every time. Yet, the case of Bobby Valentine² takes it a step deeper than just discarding this as simple hyper-sexualization of the female body.

Yes you are entering the hyper-sexualized zone of being a transgender woman, and in fact, any woman. Before the masculists label me as a male hating feminist, I don’t mean predator in the registered sex offender sense. It’s up to the female, trans or cis, on how far you will let him go. There is a sense of shame, and entitlement to this trans woman’s body. Men pay for discretion, so when Bobby Valentino hit up a transgender escort he was being on the down low, discrete, and not possibly because she was trans.

For the past 30 minutes he seemed to have been unaware anyone else in the world existed, but now that he knows, he acts as if both of you are standing nude in the middle of a giant NFL stadium.

The conversation has changed from asking you out on a date, to informing you that he has never been sexually active with a transgender woman before.

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