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” Mickie Most will again produce this, and has great faith in the number he has found for the group.It’s an American song called “Searching For Some Place”The Spectres, quite possibly the last band EVER to play The Top Twenty, were formed in 1962 by 5 guys from the Bath OPB Youth club.Brian left Tin Pan Alley about a year ago to move to Calne in Wiltshire to run a club of his called “The Pad”.In the process of booking groups he came across The Pack. All the boys were mad keen on him joining the group full-time after hearing the playbacks.It was seven weeks before he regained consciousness.How about the follow-up to “Do You Believe In Magic?They came originally from the tiny Wiltshire town of Calne and credential-wise were well-set, boasting the aforementioned Most as producer and future Led Zeppelin manager/henchman Peter Grant as “Business Manager”.

Brian, aged 24, could be onto a very good thing because, although the group play mostly rhythm and blues on stage, they can produce a very commercial sound in the studio.With crowds packing the Pavilion on a weekly basis, the decision was taken to turn professional but the move proped unpopular with at least one band member, drummer Brian Higgs, who decided to leave.Re-naming themselves The Mirror, they recorded a couple of singles, the first of which "Paperboy", failed miserably despite the hope that national newspaper The Daily Mirror might adopt the single in an advertising campaign that never quite took off.I don't think the other group have been going for so long" Is the situation harming their own career? are in a wide variety of occupations from salesman and printer, to shoe operator and civil servant. I think it's fair to say that the Top Twenty ended with a wimper and not the big bang that I had hoped for."Well, it is a bit of an embarrassment and it can be a handicap" They enjoy playing Tamla Motown music, but their sound balance at the club was decidely cloudy. Due no doubt to financial constraints, a series of semi-pro bands like The Spectres were responsible for seeing out the last few months of it's existence and what had been such a vibrant local scene was now gone.

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