Cancer man dating a sagittarius woman

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Excuses for not getting together may become the norm.An ignored Virgo can become even more clingy and desperate which will push Sagittarius away even further.The excitement and adventure keep Sagittarius interested which is key. Each will come to the relationship complete and unbroken.

Leo is extremely ambitious which will prompt Sagittarius to try to keep up. Now that you know the answer to "what is the best love match for Sagittarius", you need to know who is the worst. If the couple is only dating, phone calls may become fewer and fewer.

A Cancer loves having a supportive woman by his side and he needs this.

He is loyal to a fault and the kind of guy who is always willing to help a friend.

But he is sometimes so giving that some women try to take advantage of him.

You can win him over by returning his loyalty and trust.

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