Chile dating customs

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There were only 2 countries out of 23 that did not follow this correlation, they were Ireland and the Philippines.(See accompanying Article)Men customarily wear dark blue or gray suit, a light shirt, and a conservative tie.Bright colors and flashy fashions are not suitable, nor is wearing anything on the lapel.Women should wear a suit and heels Men should note that when a woman enters a room, the polite gesture is to rise and be prepared to shake her hand if she offers it.Chile is the world’s longest country – north to south.Chileans have a renowned reputation for achievement in many cultural fields.The Geert Hofstede analysis for Chile is similar to it’s Latin American neighbors.Uncertainty avoidance ranks highest which indicates a high concern for rules, regulations, controls and issues with career security – typically, a society that does not readily accept change and is risk adverse.

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The Republic of Chile is a multiparty republic with two legislative houses, the 48-seat Senate and the 120-seat Chamber of Deputies.

There is no official religion, however approximately 78 percent identify themselves as Roman Catholics, and about 13 percent are Protestants.

There is a large number of people that consider themselves atheist.

Chile has a stellar track record for international trade.

As an exporting nation, Chile competes with countries beyond its Latin American neighborhood.

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