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Big on the hit series, went shirtless as he enjoyed his vacation on Monday (May 14).

It's no secret that black women are the largest consumers of hair weave products.

However, they definitely DO approve of race-mixing for goy whites, and they promote it with the mass media for news and entertainment just as often and as persuasively as they can.

Sure, he’s done movies and theater too, but he’s most definitely a television actor, and God bless. Hilary Duff has improved her acting even more since 2004's "Raise Your Voice" and Heather Locklear adds a certain flair to the story not always seen in a Hilary Duff movie.The sub romantic plot between Holly and Ben is sweet, and you get some scenic views of New York, all of which helps to make a pleasurable movie that should've been a hit but instead got swallowed up by blockbusters at the box office.To prevent going on another "adventure", and to save her mother's self esteem, Holly concocts a plot for the imaginary perfect man for her mother. Although it's no Oscar contender, this film exists to entertain and make audiences laugh.There are some cheesy moments and lines, but it doesn't hurt the film.

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