Consolidating multiple excel workbooks into one

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Show 'Loop through all selected workbooks For i = 1 To temp File Dialog. Please follow these steps for importing a complete folder of Excel files.Hello Experts, I have many excel workbooks(in a folder) and would like to combine into one single workbook.are you trying to combine multiple workbooks into single workbook and each workbook as a worksheet into this single workbook? are you trying to combine multiple workbooks all into one single sheet? Professor Jim Jam, please follow link below for my question. Then check both options of Top row and Left column. If you do not have Kutools for Excel, you can free installed Kutools for Excel for 60 days.Combine, and check the last option – Consolidate and calculate values across multiple workbooks into one worksheet. Then click Next, in this step, check the workbooks and sheets you need, then click to select data range.

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On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click Consolidate. For example, cell B2 (in distric1.xlsx) cell B2 (in district2.xlsx) cell B2 (in district3.xlsx).

You build your file and cell reference with the INDIRECT formula. With the INDIRECT formula you can link to other files.

That way, the original files remain and the INDIRECT formula only looks up the values within these files. Only condition: the source file must be open in the background. On the left hand side: The main/ combined workbook. Count) Next temp Work Sheet 'Close the source workbook source Workbook.

The disadvantage: This method is very troublesome if you have to deal with several worksheets or cell ranges.

On the other hand: For just a few ranges it’s probably the fastest way.

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