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This way you can upgrade your PC components whenever you want, without having to call Microsoft or otherwise figure out how to reactivate your PC using the same code online.

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It will create a special icon that when you click on it shows you a beautiful advanced control panel." alt="God Mode" class="slider-233764 slide-233767" / For the first time, you can tie your Windows key to your Microsoft account, instead of the hardware in your machine.

The best university websites speak clearly, even to yet-to-be students, and make it easy for everybody to find what they want. The name of your college or university should be clearly visible on every page.

Remember, not everyone arrives at your website from the homepage; many will arrive on internal pages via search.

Universities that prioritize a good user experience leverage the website to contribute to larger institutional goals and see a clear return on investment.

Based on our usability testing, the guidelines in this article can substantially improve the user experience on most college and university sites.

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