Dating a traveling man

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So on some level, as a travel blogger I have found love. I figure while I may not score highly on all counts, with my life as a travel blogger, I have an ace in the pack that I should maximise the potential. I can’t relate to the reality of her existence- the reality of the 9-5 job. When I rave about Barcelona I never talk about how petty crime is there and how I got my wallet and stuff stolen.

All of them coming from pretty amazing backgrounds- whether its management consulting or being a doctor , a lawyer or a flying fish expert 🙂All have amazing stories to share. I’ve met some amazing travel blogging couples who totally rock life on the road. Dave and Deb-Planet D, Two Oregonians , Landing Standing……inspiring, warm and amazing people.

As some of you may or may not know, at the beginning of last year, I came out of a 4 year marriage. We have managed to remain good friends, despite differences. They seem to have the found the perfect balance and in many ways compliment each other with different skills- one could be the writer while the other is the photographer, just a general example. Dating fellow bloggers is frowned upon by many in the community. Last night’s blogger romance is the conversation fodder for everyone in the morning at the breakfast tables. Some have been brave to go where no blogger has gone and found love!!

I made a lot of friends at the conference , all of whom have remained good friends. Offers of blogtrips to places I could never dream of visiting. It kinda helped me in a big way through my breakup I needed to get away from my life in Edinburgh. Hanging out with travel bloggers on these trips or at conferences- I suddenly felt like I had met my own tribe. Everytime I meet, talking about all my amazing adventures and while they are excited to hear about them, after awhile you see a disconnect between your life and theirs. I’ll talk about my perfect day in travel blogging when I went to Costa Brava last year – skydiving in the morning from 15,000 feet and meeting Bollywood’s greatest star, going for a 14 course lunch in world’s best restaurant where you can get a reservation only a year in advance, then in the evening being given a private tour of Dali’s museum before sitting down for tapas and then having the surreal feeling of seeing yourself on national TV in Spain.

Don't make unnecessary demands of your significant other.

Expecting him to call several times a day or fly home every weekend for dates may not be feasible.

As if what I’ve just said is too good to be true….almost a fairytale.

A writing scholarship helped her graduate summa cum laude from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Social Work.

My female friends and followers were more reserved and guarded. My blog was just 6 months old so getting that off the ground kept me distracted. Via Twitter, I discovered this amazing community of travel crazy people, people just like me who dreamed about travel 24/7. So what about the alternatives for me- finding love outside the blogging community?

You might get some female fanmail.’ Not going to happen but a nice thought, nevertheless. Luckily, at that time while my life was being dragged through the gutter, the one thing that kept me sane was my travel blog and the travel blogging community. It represents a risk, I understand if it all goes pear shaped in the end. Sometimes in life you’ve got to lead your life, take a chance and see if it leads you somewhere.

She then obtained her Master of Social Work from Monmouth University.

I got an idea of how daunting my challenge was when I asked people’s feedback about my grand idea of writing about this post. A friend nicely stated to me that I was missing the point As hackneyed a phrase it is, she is possibly true. Total strangers, yet I found so much in common with these people. What amazed me was how well these ‘Internet friendships’ from Twitter translated in the real world. Forget finding love, lets just talk about my friends to start with.

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