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Connecting on such a personal level allows for the cast to gain a more understanding audience, ultimately allowing them to push the envelope further on the show.

“I think we do want to push it a little bit, but within good time,” Diona says. So, I think that’s something new for a lot of people who grew up with his character from . I think it does push the envelope by challenging ageism, and certain communities- what we consider to be heteronormative, you know?

Traditionally, there isn’t a lot of representation of older queer people, and George is that too.

I feel like sometimes we think that queerness stops once you hit 30, and then we are all just old people with cats, and no one has sex anymore.

Her humor and sharp tongue are used as a platform to plug in to the unique audience that she most relates to.

And while most anyone who’s seen her could agree that Reasonover is a “funny girl,” her endearing personality and approachable demeanor make her a solid candidate for an up-and-coming Hollywood star to adore.

One of my favorite things to do when someone says something about one of us is to either prove it or disprove it by using a picture; I love sending picture reblogs to people.” That kind of audience interaction is something that tends to be on trend lately.

The set is a Boston barbershop, employed by a group of friends that all went to high school together.

Normal group dynamics are mixed in with the quirks of an array of personalities, from the guys that were the “cool kids” to those who identified as the outcasts.

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