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And that’s not me bragging.”Alissa Musto: “There are a lot of flings. It's not realistic right now to have some serious commitment. I was always wondering if he had girls in lots of cities. The fans will never have a chance with me.”Lzzy Hale: “Being out on stage every night has given me the confidence to walk up to a complete stranger and say, ‘Hey, I think you're cool.’ The icebreaker is done for me because you are out on stage and you're inviting yourself to a lot of people all at once. I’m really about my career.”Madelyn Victoria: ”I really have not been in any real relationship for seven years. The majority of people want something set, something they are familiar with. conducive to a stable relationship, which is something I’ve begun to want in the second half of my 30’s.

Though it really does suck when you connect with someone, and you realize you’re about to look at contracts that send you out of the country for 20 months.”Cecily: “I had this unofficial thing with a touring musician for two years. I always wanted it to be more, but I felt like I couldn’t ask that of him. I’d find myself all on his Instagram wondering who’s tagging him in pictures, to the point where I was like — you gotta stop this.”Olivia Brownlee: ”It’s so hard, dude — to see your partner go to such heights while you're still in the muck. Most people already get that idea before I even meet them. I’ll do something cheesy, maybe sing a song in their direction. Not really understanding the whole culture of being a professional performer. Jealousy has been the decline of so many relationships.”Brianne Berkson: “We had a show a couple months ago with 50 people. After the show, even though it was clear we’re a duo – we’re engaged, I wear a ring – there were still some guys that approached me. Sometimes, it’ll get a little creepy.”Brianne Berkson: “In all of my past relationships, it was one or the other. You're going to be touring, you're going to be busy. Usually, I start talking to a guy and then, they see what my schedule is like. If it’s something they're not familiar, they slowly back up.”Olivia Brownlee: “Until recently, I’ve been a career musician. It’s influenced how I conduct my business, my goals, and where I’ve decided to land while I transition.

We have a song on our new record called ‘Do Not Disturb.’ I start the song out with my icebreaker, which is just being honest with somebody and saying, ‘I think we should make out.’ Or I’ll say something like, ‘I gotta get up and get on a plane to another country. To make it work, two musicians have to be equally yoked in skill, communication, and motivation.” happened in my relationship. I’m stoked.”Olivia Brownlee: “The show is the worst place to meet people, especially if you have an onstage personality.

If this is going to happen, it’s happening right now.’ I have a pretty good success rate. My band didn't get into a festival that we really wanted to play, and then he got in as a solo artist. Everybody who comes up to you is suspect to worshipping you.

You're living a house where you have every opportunity to compare yourself. In the beginning, my career is cool and they want to be a part of it. It’s always uncomfortable, at least for me.”Miguel Gluckstern: “Once someone has a microphone, people get attracted. Whenever I chose what I love, then the relationship faltered. I'm ready to settle down, get married, buy a house.’ I thought he was lying to me and using this an excuse. I’ve been known to resent my ovaries having such an irrefutable power over my decisions.

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We spoke to seven musicians in various stages of their careers on the joys and challenges of finding love on the road – and the “reality TV moments,” as Musto calls them, that happen along the way. If that’s what you want to do — hooking up, getting high — that’s totally a plausible option,” Musto said.

Our conversation includes Lzzy Hale, the lead-singer and co-founder of the hard rock band Halestorm; Cecily, a pop-soul singer based in Washington, D.

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