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Every woman on this website has been instructed to NOT RESPOND to 3rd party contact from other inmates.The Women listed on this website are in Prison for various crimes.Or maybe you saw Mila Kunis or Justin Timberlake accompanying a soldier to a ball and thought that you wanted to connect with some of the dashing men and women in the military too?

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I've made some bad choices in my life, and I am learning from them. I'm a 45-year-old Native American female that's seeking a self-assured and motivated individual who can support me during this time. Those who really know me know I'm a great woman who has really struggled with life and made mistakes.Female Prison & it's associates have not "Officially" investigated the truth and or accuracy of any information published by any prisoner listed on this website.* Users (You) are using the information provided by this website at the user's (your) own risk.See More Female Prisoners ATTENTION: This Female Prisoner is NOT interested in contact from other Inmates.This woman is ONLY interested in contact from upstanding members of society who are NOT in prison.

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