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In February 2003, it launched an eight-part university level online negotiation course.

Four universities around the world currently offer certificates to users upon completion of the course.

Let’s be honest — besides watching funny cat videos, the Internet is also good for playing naughty games every now and then.

You’ll be happy to know the 5 we’ve chosen have been marked “Best” by the gaming sites they’re featured on.

Zap's interactive FLASH simulations can be used very effectively in online learning applications such as: The real value of the Zapdramatic experience is that it transforms learners from passive recipients into active negotiators.

Learners develop a deeper understanding of how to manage challenging situations by having the freedom to make decisions in a safe simulated environment.

Zap recently completed an 8-module online negotiation course, which is certified by the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law.Zapdramatic is a multi-award-winning interactive media company based in Toronto, Canada.The company designs and produces SERIOUS GAMES and DRAMATIC SIMULATIONS to entertain, educate and influence opinions.The first Zapdramatic game was launched in January 2001 when The Desperate Dad, the first of nine episodes in the murder mystery series, became an underground hit.The episode brought thousands of users to the Zapdramatic Web site, which has steadily grown into a popular member-supported game environment.

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