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A person who is exhausted has continued to go and push every day until they can no longer function.

They need to refuel by allowing their body and mind to rest and relax.

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This can be an issue in a marriage because these instances will be all a person talks about and the spouse will become tired of hearing about the same situations leading them to become frustrated and aggravated. Drastic changes in a midlife crisis are often referred to as an identity crisis within a midlife crisis.

You may notice that your spouse is eager to lose weight or go back to their old ways in high school.

You can continue to accelerate, but once the gas is gone, you will need to refill the gas tank.

Some people do not recognize who they are anymore or what or who they have become.

In other situations, a spouse may wonder and question themselves about why they waited so long to get out and live their life. A lot of people want to know if a marriage can survive a midlife crisis, and the answer is yes.

A midlife crisis destroying your marriage is a common fear of many married couples, but there is a way around a lot of these problems.

As far as comparisons are concerned, you or your spouse may begin to compare yourself to successful people you know, such as friends, relatives and co-workers or people you see in a movie or strangers you seem to notice when you are out running errands.

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