Dating show with ship

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The trapped townspeople must discover the secrets and purpose of the "dome" or "sphere" and its origins, while coming to learn more than they ever knew about each other and animals too.A US sub picks up Navy SEALs and receives an order for a nuke launch.BUT, it’s not all smooth sailing on the sunny seas, as the would-be party people will have to compete in a host of challenges.Only one group will rein victorious, but in another twist the real winners will be voted for by their fellow passengers.It's been very disappointing to see the series sputter through its final season. I finished it, and I basically do not get why she loves those two characters and told her as much.

The two groups will be flying to the Med to join over 2000 other twenty somethings seeking the ultimate party experience on the once-in-a-lifetime experience.At first, they thought it was contained but they had no cure.They felt that the cure was in the Arctic which why she's here.Due to the circumstances of the order, the Captain refuses to fire.After escaping an attack from another US sub, the crew and SEALs take refuge on a small island.

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