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Keeping in line with its “back to basics” mantra, Jaumo only offers three main features.

One is called “online radar.” This basically consists of a feed of profile images of those users in your area that are presently online.

When you first join, you are given the option of posting a profile.

This consists of different segments that you can populate from options from a drop-down menu, or with brief answers that you can type yourself.

Jaumo describes itself as the “number one dating experience on the planet.” While that is partially creative adverting license on their part, it is still quite a claim to make.

The sense of action that you felt each time that you swiped right or swiped left — it was all so new and fun. Each new app somehow cluttered up the experience just a little bit with their own “unique spin.” Soon, the online dating app scene became overly complex and as a consequence — boring.This particular function is meant to be used for when you are planning to travel to a new city and want to get a head-start at meeting people in the area. This simply exposes you to the entire universe of Jaumo’s 20 million users.While impressive and interesting in its worldwide reach, it can also be just too much to handle at once.In addition to the main features, Jaumo also has a few supplemental features.One is called “travel.” This allows you to change your current location to anywhere else in the world.

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