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So any bit of silly gossip claiming that Joe the Plumber was "canoodling" with Wiig (a meaningless word used by gossip columnists as a libel-proof way to imply anything from flirting to indiscreet touching to a full-on below-the-table handjob), and that maybe this indicates Wiig might be a Republican where it counts (in the heart, I mean, you perverts) is a gotta-link. That and the Chickenpot, Chickenpot, Chickentpot Pieeeee episode!

I can't wait to tell Obama "Your Dead to us" and then smash his face plate.14 the guy isn't sure who it is. 15 eh the guy made that joke, and besides, I feel a little bad about invading Jt P's privacy myself. There have been instances of comics turning into wingers in mid-career and ruining the latter [Denis Miller anyone?

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Promotional Products Promotional Gift Store Promotional Products 88 Beautiful blog with great informational content. And that whole joke was stole from Nina Van Horn on Just Shoot Me. Though she does a lot of characters -- Suze Orman, Audrey the story-topper, one of the two A-holes, the excitable girl, etc. 10 Holy Crap I knew I recognized Wiig from somewhere that wasn't SNL! My college roommate and I watched it every week our first year at LSU. when palin appeared on SNL, wilson went up to her and gave her a HUGE hug. seems casey would be more inclined to check out JTP. Slapstick - formatted sitcoms - those are the staple of winnger "comics". PS, I didn't mean in the heart, I meant the dirty place. 29 At no time since the Smother Brothers first came on n the '60s has there been such a thing as a Republican being able to sustain a career in American comedy.Although I also calculate the chances of Joe [not Joe] the Plumber [not a plumber] getting lucky with ANY SNL cast member at somewhat lower.Cisco exam question answers Oracle exam Microsoft exam question answers 141 York's Rucker Park to participate in basketball carnival led to the cheers of the fans and the media download alfa and omega | download let me in | download the social network | download the last exorcism | download never let me go 148 Great stuff from you.

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