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His work also chronicles a close relationship to landscapes and histories, especially those of his native Yorkshire, Ireland, Wales and his more recent home in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.David Whyte's steadily burgeoning readership and listenership grew organically in almost all corners of the globe until it finally created a critical mass of recognition.He looks at the way this foundational interior conversation enables those in positions of responsibility to make sense of the hundreds of exterior public conversations, which can entrap and besiege them.His work is not only sustaining and nourishing for individuals irrespective of the organization for which they work, but also revitalizing and emboldening for those who work together day after day and who wish to bring a fresh perspective and a fresh language to their shared endeavors.His work is compelling and many have said riveting, his recitation and explication of poetry creates a real physical sense that individuals are grappling with the unspoken truths of life and leadership that are often left unspoken and that many have difficulty even articulating.He especially looks at the necessity for a private but courageous self-examination and self-knowledge.David Whyte’s work initially found its way into the world outside of the traditional channels available to poets.

For example, despite having spoken on the issue for over twenty years, he has almost no poetry directly written about the workplace.Those who come with empty handswill stare into the lake astonished,there, in the cold lightreflecting pure snowthe true shape of your own face.THE BELL AND THE BLACKBIRDThe sound of a bell Still reverberating,or a blackbird callingfrom a corner of the field,asking you to wakeinto this life,or inviting you deeperinto the one that waits.His sessions have been woven into long term executive leadership programs with organizations such as Mattel, Standard Chartered Bank, The Gap, The Boeing Company, Thames water, Novartis, Astrazenica, RWE and the Royal Air Force.He is a faculty member of Templeton College, Oxford University, where he is an Associate Fellow.

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