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In LINQ, the same query can be used in, an SQL database, a Data Set, an array of objects in memory and so many other data types.Link to SQL is Object Relation Mapping (ORM) framework.Language integrated query or LINQ enables you to write SQL like syntax in programming language itself.LINQ contains different types of operators, which is used in language itself.Select your stored procedure and drag it on the designer pane.

Remember that we have created the file and it will generate the Emp Data Context class.Behind the seen Link to SQL provider converts LINQ query to normal SQL query, which is understands by SQL server database.LINQ to SQL type only supports SQL server database.Whatever file name you will provide, it generates the class with class name appended with Data Context as suffix. It provides the operator for Filtering, Sorting, Grouping, Aggregation, Projection, Partitioning, Concatenation etc. LINQ automatically generates the tbl Emps as a class and the table column as properties.You can use any operators with the LINQ to get the result. Now create the object of tbl Emps class, so you can access the properties of this class.

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