Evening dating groupe sex

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Now I had control of the coupling and found that not only were her small nipples sensitive, but that she absolutely loved having them played with.

So I nibbled, bit, pinched, rolled, twisted, using most every move I had in my repertoire.

Much as I imagined, I see our hostess cleaning up her sloppy cunt.

The twist is that her male companion has recovered and is vigorously stroking between her tits and is endowed enough that she is licking his tip on his upstroke.

The sun had set and after people had refreshed their drinks, the gathering began to move inside.

She reached to my plate, grasped the warm sausage and inserted it into her pussy before removing it, turning it around and inserting the other half.

She replaced it neatly on my bun as I thanked her for such a unique condiment, immediately taking a bite and rolling my eyes in appreciation, while knowing the next Polish sausage inserted into her would probably be mine.

Early 60's, about 115#, with slightly sagging breasts.

I asked her if she would be so kind as to season my sausage for me.

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