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We’ll have to sign in as Mr & Mrs Black, to protect appearances and your honour but not spies or perhaps we are 😉 Her: like a movie Me: Yes, Mrs Black we’ll take our own suitcases to our rooms, because they are heavy with all our spy stuff and guns I’ll be all hot and sweaty so I’ll immediately jump in the shower Her: me first Me: as you unpack the clothes you’ll hear me singing you know my shower song?

Iristel has no relationship with the radio service and didn’t know it existed until Rogers filed the application, Bishay said.

Iristel did have a revenue sharing operation with the conference call company, but Bishay said “that’s nothing new” in the industry. It is, at best a result of recklessly poor due diligence and at worst, a vexatious fiction intended to injure Iristel’s business reputation,” according to its submission.

Instead, Iristel believes Rogers should cut off customers that abuse its acceptable use policy by calling a long distance radio station incessantly.“Rogers knows full well that it possesses the tools and the contractual rights to address situations involving customers who use any of its unlimited services excessively,” Iristel argued.

The new dispute centres on traffic pumping, a practice associated with sex chat lines and free conference call lines that regulators tend to frown upon.

Rogers claims Iristel is working with a call-in radio service Audio Now to send traffic to its facilities in the Northwest Territories where termination fees – incoming call carries pay these to local carriers whenever a long distance call is made – are about 40 times higher than the rest of Canada.

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