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Westminster told the ministry that it had not means- tested or interviewed applicants for grant money in any depth.The maximum grant was origi¬ nally fixed at £15.000 but has now been raised to £20,000. Chance to hear mj[ Baroque Times Details: Weekend, page7 VISION / H Channel ho^ps complete guide Seven days of TV and radio mm TIMES No. -:-:- tested or interviewed applicants for moving people out of Westmin manha^fme cost of grants given grant mon^y in any depth. Hie money was paid from a fund set up by toe Environment Department as part of an initiative meant to help the homeless in London. •'Wesuainsler City Council id tt r A-nt n-n fn Ki it r -nmnarfr 7 n The maximum grant was origi- stayed in the Greater London a H° w tenants to buy homes. The payments, amounting to £5.05 miriin h of the £8-8 million spent on the cash incentive scheme by the council since 1990, have enabled .506 tenants to buy their home: In same cases the grant was enough to buy toe tenants' new home outright In others the grant was awarded even though the tenant had savings in excess of the purchase price.

The scheme has been successful in moving people out of Westminster._-_— W® Court and Social——-jj Crossword---J* Lest Bngarfdes.—-—“ Letters.:--—---g Obituaries^-— Sport—-—---30J6 Tourist rates---“ Weadw - IS Arts....Food arid Drink : Gardening..— ^ Outaf Town-~~~ Properly.-— c Ilok Denmade WJ jfn S Mt isnq: DM 4 400 : Naiw S 2 S B, i r *i T 53 Russians vote to lift sanctions on Serbia 9 *77 0140*046664 s .name of his private secretary.- that renegotiation of the Downing Street declaration was out of the question.“It provides a balanced frame¬ work for peace and democracy which recognises the interests ' and aspirations of both main traditions that exist in Ireland.

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