Interracial dating divorce rate a dating site in europe

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I have discussed this matter with numerous pastors, theologians and authors throughout South Africa, in Europe and in America.

However, only a few were willing to speak out openly against it, from the pulpit, or in counselling.The divorce rate and instances of domestic violence are far more common in such unions. Marriage does not just involve two people but two families. Generally speaking, two people from different races, or cultures, getting married are not honouring their parents and seldom are they considering the consequences for the children.The children will belong to neither the race of the mother, nor of the father.For your further study you may want to see a Bible study that I wrote on Unequally Yoked and an article by a missionary friend of ours on Intercultural Dating and Marriage.Although the Bible study deals primarily with the Scriptures forbidding marriage with unbelievers, you will see that many of the Scriptures are very specific about marriage with other nations as well.

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