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In terms of dating etiquette, it’s up there with spitting in the soup.Fine, I get it, you want to keep your options open.Ever wondered why dating an Irish girl is a good idea? Although we come from a small island in Europe, the word of the Irish culture has travelled far and wide.Across the globe, Irish people are celebrated for their humour, manners, friendliness and slang, but to name a few.In the recent annual travellers’ survey by Conde Nast, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world took part in sharing what they believed to be the most-friendly cities.Cork came third, Galway came fifth, and Dublin came eighth.My God, have I ever put my time in with the breadcrumbers.

It will appear that you are speaking the same language, but in truth, you are not. Typical characteristics of Irish families include the following: large, loyal, loving and dedicated, amongst many others.This, ultimately, is the big problem that people have with dating.If you’re walking into a situation whereby you’re having a few drinks (on the surface of it) and sizing them up as a potential life partner/parent to your kids (on the other hand), it’s a bit of a surreal one.But surely you realise that the other person — trapped in your holding pattern, for better or worse — believes that they’re the ones at fault? This taps into people’s worst fears of abandonment.Ultimately, it will make them a worse partner in the long run, because the poor schmuck that comes after you is going to have to bore his sorry way through more layers of hostility, issues and self-protection.

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