Julian dating

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Download the landscape layout editable monthly 2019 Julian date calendar template with week numbers, Gregorian dates and the USA holidays as a word document.

The easy to type template has large boxes and spread over 12 pages.

Unfortunately for historians, the new calendar was not adopted universally - different countries began to follow it at different dates.

As a result, it emerged that the Julian Calendar was over-correcting by around 8 days each millennium. A solution was hit upon whereby centenary years would not be leap years unless they were divisible by 400.This helps to explain why this document, a list relating to orders for the march of the Dutch army, was dated the 23/13 December 1688.The date was the 23rd of December on the Continent, reckoned according to the Gregorian Calendar, but the 13th of December in Britain, reckoned according to the Julian Calendar.In order to deal with the discrepancy of days, which by now had grown to eleven, it was ordered that 2nd September 1752 would be immediately followed by 14th September 1752.This led to crowds of people on the streets demanding, 'Give us back our 11 days!

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