Kelly rowland dating who is kim richards dating

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“I think we really just want it to be us and our pastor. “I mean, we are the only two that [are] going to be in the marriage.” Rumors of Rowland’s quiet nuptials surfaced earlier this week, when she and her former bandmates were spotted arriving in Costa Rica for vacation.

American talent manager Tim Witherspoon is widely known as the beau of the popular solo music artist, Kelly Rowland.

The-Dream reportedly did his ex-wife Milian dirty, cheating on her when they had an infant daughter at home.

While there is no confirmation of Rowland and The-Dream's status as anything other than pals, they do look cozy and perhaps coupled up. Rowl is super sexy, and she played up that fact with her natural curls and leather leggings, paired with a grey tank.

Kelly happily accepted the proposal, and the couple got engaged.

On 16 December 2013, Kelly surprised her fans with her engagement while appearing on Show.

We don't hear too much about her love life so she could be unlucky in love. We look forward to finding out what's the deal with her and the mega producer, and if things are more than professional.

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She gave birth to a healthy child named Titan Jewell Weatherspoon on 4 November 2014. Since Kelly is an active user of her social media accounts, she timely flaunts pictures of her husband and her kid through her social media sites.

rather than their own, and the non-plussed pair said they didn't mind, George almost lost it at them too. That's not starting a revolution that's just agreeing with Kelly," he raged.

It's no secret that women all over the nation have grown up listening to Kelly Rowland in Destiny's Child, but one of her biggest fans happens to be talented songstress and team member Rebecca Selley. "I know you see yourself with a coach, but when it actually becomes a reality, she's [Kelly] surpassed all my expectations." Asked what it's been like, the contestant said she's had the most phenomenal experience alongside her mentor.

tie the knot in Costa Rica over the weekend, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The singer, 33, married manager Tim Weatherspoon in an intimate ceremony during their island getaway.

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