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A really successful woman in my industry said to me, 'You better get comfortable with not being able to be perfect at anything.' That haunted me, and then I realized being perfect is a tall order and I've never claimed to be perfect at anything," she admitted. And so, in the beginning, there's nothing you could do.

"I'm pretty good at stuff, and I'd like to continue to be pretty good! There becomes a time in the pregnancy even where you're kind of tapped out.

In 2017 she directed, wrote, co-produced and starred in I Do... Bell began her career in 2002 with roles in the film Speakeasy, a film about two men who become unlikely friends after a minor traffic accident, and in 2 episodes of the medical TV drama ER. After appearing in the psychological thriller I Love Your Work, she was cast alongside Jeff Goldblum as the female lead in the NBC television film War Stories and played Alicia Silverstone's wisecracking best friend, Victoria Carlson, in NBC's comedy-drama series Miss Match.

The actress and tattoo artist's daughter, Nova, arrived in October 2014. She exchanged a vow with Scott Campbell, an artist and tattoo artist in June 1, 2013, at The Marigny Opera House in New Orleans, Louisiana.The duo was engaged on Bell's birthday in March 2012."It helps that Scott is a hands-on dad, of course."My husband is, like, an awesome father," she told Baby Center. And then, you give birth, and you're like, 'Oh, that's like a vast injury that I [experienced].' I didn't realize that.""I thought it was just going to be like, pop, and then I go back to work," the Lake described her own mommy guilt as "so intense," confessing, "I think that the key to all of it is just not being quite as hard on ourselves as society is sort of pressuring us. And when I first looked at mommies quitting their jobs to be stay-at-home moms, I really didn't respect it. It's just important to accept that what you do is very noble and very justified and paramount. If we look at it like that, and as a whole and as a community, society can kind of systemically change how we look at motherhood and those responsibilities.

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