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So it's possible she doesn't feel as engaged, because YOU'RE not as engaged.

Think about it, you can't be having that much fun texting her if you're thinking about all this.

Or is it just nothing and I should just let things continue as they are? (sorry about the long post, I really wanted to get the details so you guys had a good idea or our dynamic) I would say, talk to her openly about your intentions and feelings towards her.

The mindset that I had going in was "This girl seems cool.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind settling into a relationship with her.

She understands that relationships are all new experiences to test out what one like / dislikes, and is comfortable with the fact that many relationships may not work before settling down.

Now, after I came back, we continued texting (for what it's worth, she texted me first the day after our last date to ask about my drive back).

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