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You might feel that you are not going to wait on them to figure things out and that is certainly your right.

It’s understandable that you are hurt that your boyfriend or girlfriend is asking for space. Such a request is often actually a symptom of a relationship going too fast or, the exact opposite, feeling neglected by you.

Some ask me, “If my boyfriend, girlfriend, or ex says they want space and/or time, do they mean that they want to breakup? Other times they are concerned that the relationship is moving too quickly and they want to slow things down to reflect and take a breather.But one thing to understand is that if the attraction and closeness they feel for you does not improve during the space and time you give them, then they need more of it.If you don’t give that space, they will need/want to break up with you because they don’t see their “feelings” of being in love coming back. We were getting along well, filling each other in on our respective romantic histories. He was in a chair and I, on my side of the table, had a bench.“Do you mind if I sit next to you? “I have a little hearing loss and I’m having trouble hearing you.”“Of course not! He immediately moved so that we were “thisclose” again. He probably assumed that we’d see each other again. I described the experience to my friends later, and asked, “What would you have done? “I didn’t confront my date directly either, because I didn’t want him to get defensive. I need more room.”) Maybe I’ll be pleasant and jokey. We shared a small table by the wall at my favorite coffee shop. As we continued to talk, I scootched away from him just a bit to put a little air between us. The chorus from that Police song started going through my head — “Don’t stand, don’t stand so close to me…”There was nothing smarmy or off-putting about anything else he said or did. We parted on a friendly note, and while I had otherwise found him attractive, I was mostly relieved to get my space back.

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