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Now we go to bed by nine and are woken at five by our two young children.It’s fair to say that in the 12 years I have known my husband and the eight years we’ve been married we’ve both gone from exciting to, well...boring. In my case, high heels became replaced by comfy flats.For just each, you can sign up to learn Traditional Bangladeshi Cooking, Cuban Cooking, or Iraqi-Kurdish Cooking!Or, for just a little bit more, you can take three classes that will teach you to cook outdoors using cast iron cookware.Late nights out replaced with cosy nights on the sofa in front of the TV. Would we fall into the trap so many other couples do of becoming too comfortable with each other? Was the comfortable sense we now had with each other actually something else – boredom?Instead of thrilling each other with exciting suggestions of what to do at the weekend, we’ve found ourselves pottering at garden centres.I’ve recently had an epiphany: far from lamenting the slide into middle age comfiness, I’ve realised there are very good points to becoming bored – and boring – together.


doesn’t drink beer, enjoyed tour of Yazoo brewery (, includes a souvenir tasting glass).

It’s time to put all those hours of watching “How It’s Made” to good use, and redeem the knowledge you gained in the past decade of failed Fantasy Football seasons. Although it’s possible to enter a local trivia contest as a twosome or join a sparsely-populated team, Trivia Nights are more fun when you’ve got some extra smart friends around you.

Check out this updated list of places around Nashville offering trivia night contests.

In his case the ‘cool’ leather jacket I had liked back then became replaced by a British weather failsafe blue cagoule.

Pub and club nights were replaced with hearty walks.

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