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This question is key in a new relationship, because it will tell you where he stands in his relationship with his parents. No man who has a bad relationship with his mother will last long in a relationship with you.

The answer to this question is not a make-or-break type of deal. A guy who loves animals is a guy that is in tune with nature’s beautiful miracle of life. Doesn’t mean he is over-sensitive; it’s just his personal preference.

This gives him a chance to talk about people other than himself.

Ask him where he is most interested in going in his lifetime.

This is about the most serious question on this list, but it is only included because it is crucial to find out at what point he is in his life.

This is a very interesting question that often goes overlooked in relationships because people don’t understand the true value of dreams. But guys who are more open-minded love to take risks a little bit more than the average guy.

His dreams could give you a sneak peek into the inner workings of his mind. Ask this one because you don’t want to be the night owl that’s with an early riser.

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