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Aside from having a separate residence established, meeting someone who is at this stage is the strongest indicator that the divorce is very likely to happen.He may be at the beginning stages or further along in those conversations, but the fact that he is having them indicates he is truthful about his intentions.Most importantly, I have found that the divorce process ALWAYS takes longer than these currently separated dudes EVER realize!Even the guys in the most straight-forward scenario (no kids, separate residences, and awaiting a court date) typically underestimate how long the divorce process will take.I have other reasons, which I will share in a future story.

To be clear, I would never encourage you to go out looking for separated men to date. In fact, I didn’t notice Larry’s profile said he was separated until I was on my way to our meet-date! (Our original plan was to have coffee and “if we didn’t gross each other out” have lunch. Look, we are not 25 anymore with relatively clean slates. Or maybe his ex is in need of his health insurance benefits that she would lose if they divorce. Of course, there can be red-flags as to why he’s still married.They are already moving on with their lives separately. People change their minds at any point in the divorce process.Relationships can be complex and grey rather than clear-cut.Every currently separated man I met/interacted with/dated did, in fact, eventually get divorced. There are some important indicators to look for that distinguish a married man with no intention of divorcing his wife and the currently separated man who will divorce his wife.From my unofficial research, this is one of the most critical steps in determining whether a guy is serious about divorce. If they are maintaining separate homes 100% of the time, then this is a very strong indicator that the divorce will proceed. This is an even bigger step in demonstrating his sincerity. His wife knows that he is serious about moving forward with the divorce.

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