Quotes dating multiple guys

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Otherwise, go ahead and have sex with whoever you want. Perhaps you feel it's wrong because you wouldn't like the same thing being done to you?

Yes, you are obligated to tell them about each other. "Do what you want as long as you do not involve others who do not, or would not, wish to be involved." I would also say that you must tell them each if you have had unprotected sex. How would it feel if any of those guys were also sleeping with other women right now as well? What you're doing isn't wrong as long as you're not leading them to believe they are the only one you're seeing.

However, because the act of producing a child is, undisputedly, simpler for men than it is for women, the sexes tend to approach the mating game very differently.

For men, the evolutionary strategy that makes the most sense is to sleep with as many women as possible because this maximizes their odds of having a lot of babies.

yeah, it turns out that she was fucking two other guys while i was dating her, and she failed to mention that. Welcome to Two XChromosomes, a subreddit for both serious and silly content, and intended for women's perspectives.

We are a welcoming subreddit and support the rights of all genders.

But recently I've felt really guilty/dirty/whorish. I've got like three different things going on with different guys (including my ex, which started out "friendly", but now I'm not sure). Yet it's obviously not "just hooking up" with any of them.

I like the varied sex and having two people to spend time with. she should have at least told me we weren't exclusive, but she apparently was more concerned about continuing to have sex with multiple people than being honest and fair to those people.""damn dude. i'll be sure to stay away from her."don't put yourself in a situation where guys would think and talk about you like this.

We are honest and safe and I never feel bad about you keep those guys in the dark about having other partners, you will earn yourself a bad reputation."that girl? tell them what the deal is before anybody makes assumptions and gets hurt.

Women who keep getting impregnated by guys who fail to stick around and help out with the kids may find themselves at an evolutionary disadvantage because they have to provide for themselves and their children entirely on their own (which probably proved exceptionally challenging in the days of hunter-gathers).

As a result, the best evolutionary strategy for women is usually to be selective and hold out for a partner who will be reliable.

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