Research on dating violence

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Reporting of these incidents is sometimes lacking since some of their activities, such as incidents against doctors who perform abortions, may be reported as hate crimes rather than terrorism.One of the most serious special interest domestic terrorist groups involves ecoterrorism.These groups focus on issues affecting American political or social activities. These groups represent a serious threat to law enforcement since their members engage in paramilitary training, stockpile weapons, and espouse hatred of the federal government and law enforcement.Right-wing terrorist groups also engage in whatis known as paper terrorism.He threatened to kill more victims unless his demands were met.On September 19, 1995, the New York Times and the Washington Post published his pamphlet.

The United State Code of Federal Regulations defines it as ”. The Federal Bureau of Investigation expands this definition by further classifying terrorism as either domestic or international.According to the FBI, these groups commit acts of violence, motivated by a concern for animals or the environment.It is estimated that these groups have committed more than a thousand criminal acts that have caused in excess of 0 million in damage since 1976.Acts of domestic terrorism in America have caused death, destruction, and untold suffering.Some of the best known and most controversial incidents include Theodore Kaczynski, the ”Unabomber”; Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta Olympics bomber; and Timothy Mc Veigh and Terry Nichols, the Oklahoma City bombers.

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