Restore ipod without updating ios

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I know a factory restore will completely wipe the phone and update the i OS to the latest available (and hence remove the jalbreak), but I want to keep the i Phone on i OS 9.Is there a way I can un-jailbreak my phone, without having to update the software? The success of jaibreaking is to only do it on a device that doesnt receive updates often since updating erases the jailbreak.If not, you may end up losing any data added between your last backup and now.If you need to restore your i Phone, you can choose to restore it to its factory state or from a recent backup of your data.Recovery Mode is a sort of last-resort troubleshooting step you can take with an i Phone that's having problems with its operating system.

Visit Stack Exchange " will reset the phone, but will not "un-jailbreak" the phone.

This lets you update the OS to a new, working version or restore a working backup onto the device.

It's not hard to use, but as you might imagine, it's something you only use when other things won't work.

If you choose Recover from i Cloud Backup File, you need to sign in i Cloud account with Apple ID and password.

Select one backup file from the list and click Start Scan. Then check the items that you need to backup or recover and click Recover.

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