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Here, we were already caught up to speed because we know each other so well, so I was in a great position. I can see her giving these notes that she maybe wasn’t giving before, and she does it in such a calm way. Just having these characters be ten years older than they were in the original series gives it a very different feel.

What was it like to have Julie Plec book-ending the season, directing the pilot and the finale? It was nice because the journey started with her in March, when we shot the pilot, so to end with her, on such a huge episode was great. We’re all growing, and it’s exciting to see everybody grow, as performers, directors, writers and producers. Does that feel freeing, in the sense that you can’t really be beholden to the books or the original series because, even though people are going to come in with certain expectations, they are not going to be able to hang onto them for very long?

Let me play a nice human being who is there for his friends.” Kyle has his life together. Although there has been tragedy in his family, he still has a great head on his shoulders. Kyle also finds himself in a bit of a situation because he knows a bit about what’s going on. They used to date each other, back in high school, for a long period of time.

So, it’s nice to have Kyle bounce around with each character. What can you say about the relationship between Kyle and Liz, and how that will evolve? Some time has passed now, but there are still some feelings there.

Initially, I heard about because it was friends of mine, with (showrunner) Carina [Adly Mac Kenzie] and Julie Plec.

So, when it came my way, because I hadn’t seen them in a long time and I was in L.

Television, so I had a relationship with most of them and it’s been nice to just learn from them.

It’s been such a learning experience, for the past five months, and it’s been really great. I have friends that have gone to academies and certain schools for directing, but they haven’t been on an actual working set, as much as I have.

When Liz finds herself in a situation where Max reveals to her that he, his sister Isobel (Lily Cowles) and their friend Michael (Michael Vlamis) are actually aliens with otherworldly abilities that they’ve had to keep hidden, the ever-present threat of a government conspiracy could endanger all of their lives.

Apparently, they were having problems placing Kyle, and who Kyle was and who they wanted this character to be. I didn’t watch any of the original series, and they obviously know me so well, so it helped.

I put myself in a great situation, where I played around with how I interpreted the character.

After that, it became a conversation of, “Do you really want to be a part of this? ” It was about wanting to get back to consistent work with people that I feel comfortable with and that I’m safe with, and that know my talents and abilities.

I could join a project were it’s gonna take the writers awhile to get to know me, on a personal level, and then see how I work, on the day. Watching Julie grow, as a director, has been a joy to see.

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