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Headshots of girls gazing pensively off-camera are common.

Slap on a black-and-white filter for extra emo points.

Well, judging by some of their profile photos, maybe.

Lonely people all over the world have been known to go extreme lengths to find true love, but these incredible and funny Russian dating site profile pictures show just how far some of these people will really go.

While we don’t know what any of these people were thinking when they posted these pictures meant to entice a new lover (and frankly, we can’t even begin to guess), we do know that the objective is the same.

Soyuz is a single-use spacecraft designed to carry three inhabitants for several weeks, although today most crews use them for just a few hours or days in between six-month stays at the space station.

Vinnie, who is Brazilian, feels that many of the girls match him because they find him exotic.

Indeed, it seems to be that while men hungrily swipe right, right, right, approving nearly every girl who appears, girls ruthlessly swipe left, left, left, filtering out men based on their own esoteric criteria.

My second date, Elena, 32, also prefers Tinder to clubbing.

A busy woman with a lot of responsibilities, Elena often doesn't have the time to go out and meet lots of men, so Tinder is ideal. Tinder reviews I read by Russian women online often excitedly brag about their ability to use the app to line up a string of dates with foreign men.

My friends see nothing wrong with this, but every one of them has a story of a date who turns up looking substantially different than her profile pic.

In contrast to the obvious effort put into the photos, the profile descriptions tend to be a list of personal attributes, hobbies, interests and philosophies boiled into a jumbled mosaic.

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