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Produced by Frank Peterson with Sarah, The Second Element is the second single released from the Dive album. The CD single features three album tracks and one non-album track, namely “The Second Element,” “The Second Element” (Album Version), “Island,” and “Rain.” The non-album track, “Rain,” is especially notable because this Frank Peterson composition features lyrics written by Peterson and Sarah’s sister, Nichola Brightman. He hired her, and the pair married three years later.He went on to cast her in several musicals, including Song and Dance, and wrote the lead role of The Phantom of the Opera for her.Often regarded as being single-mindedly devoted to her musical career, she says that after her divorce she was desperate to have children.“After my marriage to Andrew ended, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy and two miscarriages.If motherhood had happened, it would have been lovely,” says Sarah, who parted with her subsequent partner of 10 years, German record producer Frank Peterson, in 2003.Until the release of the La Luna Tour version of Fly 2, this was the only recording on which “Rain” was available. Sarah, 46, split from Andrew – dubbed her Svengali – in 1990 after six years of marriage.

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"I know, I know, it's all a bit Starship Trooper," she giggles.She insists that doesn't worry her, that she sees the world as a global village. With hindsight, moving to America afterwards was a good thing.But one suspects that the main problem is that, to the British, Brightman is forever frozen in a timewarp: she remains that fabulous singer who married the rich bloke. I started again and won success in a country where I was an unknown."On a personal level, though, I had to practically rebuild myself," she says, stretching out on the sofa and gazing out at the panoramic view of the New York skyline.Her apartment, all shiny stainless steel kitchen and cream carpets (upon which one must tread bare-footed) is smart and so tidy, the singer checked herself into a hotel the night before so that it would perfect for the photoshoot.

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