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It was Sunday, and there was at were nature rest, as silence a though feeling of quietness, which gave him a peculiar sense of comfort He sat, looking wooded coast, and felt lazy and well a slow smile moved his lips and he threw at the at ease. "I "Get the boat out." and was rowed to a ladder climbed stiffly down the to the water s edge, down cove.

The coconut trees came guess I ll go ashore," he said.

Sullen THE WHALE IN THE CAVE 280 Louis Becke AT A KAVA-DRINKING 286 Herman Melville NORFOLK ISLE AND THE CHOLA WIDOW 299 Best South Sea Stories W. Somerset Maugham (1874- ) spent months in 1916 visiting the islands of Polynesia.

Michener MUTINY 107 Eugene Burdick THE BLACK AND THE WHITE 134 * uii uauj I UUUl* Robert Dean Frisbie THE GHOST OF ALEXANDER PERKS, A. 150 Young Adult 6410942 CONTENTS vi Robert Louis Stevenson THE BEACH OF FALESA 162 Lloyd Osbourne A SON OF EMPIRE 231 Charles Warren Stoddard A PRODIGAL IN TAHITI 244 Sir Arthur Grimble ASSIGNMENT WITH AN OCTOPUS 264 Sir Arthur Grimble A STINKING GHOST 272 Frank T.

ian8reva Pitciirn 1.* , , I, Hapa I, - * Pacific / /HAL AN I) C^ e /j7^ n t 300 600 12DO ( i-9 col. Day, Arthur Grove / 1904- ed Best South Sea stories* Appleton-Centtiry col. Sea stories* Best Appleton-Century -95 L19w J Best,. Somerset Maugham, copyright 1921 by Asia Publishing Company. "The Seed of Mc Coy" by Jack London, reprinted from South Sea Tales, copyright 1911, by permission of Irving Shepard, "The by James A.

Grove Copyright Day and Carl Stroven No part of this book in excess of hundred words may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher. five First edition Number Library of Congress Catalogue Card 64-12430 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND SOURCES by W. "Red" Fourth "The Man" by permission Russell, copyright 1917 by John of Brandt Si by P. Forgotten One" by James Norman Hall, reprinted by permission of the publisher from On the Stream of Travel, Hough ton Mifflin Company, 1926.

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Blackwood.-- Joseph: a story, by Katherine Bickford.-- The clavecin, Bruges, by G. Somerset Maugham, tracted the of writers, James Michener, and Eugene Burdick. APPLETON-CENTURY Publisher New York 2-64 MNSA s c i TY . The skipper s eyes rested on the island they were ap proaching. He knew there was an opening large enough to get his ship through, 3 BEST SOUTH SEA STORIES 4 and when they came a little nearer he counted on seeing it.

Introduction: "The fascination of the ghost story", by A. He was dressed in blue overalls and a sleeveless jersey that showed his thin arms tattooed from elbow to wrist.

The engineer was a long, lean man with a scraggy neck.

be just seen winding its tortuous way, and it led him presently to a broad creek.

There was a bridge across it, but a bridge constructed of single trunks of coconut trees, a dozen of them, a forked placed end to end and supported where they met by branch driven into the bed of the creek.

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