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it's a crappy situation, i feel pretty lonely most of the time.most of my friends have partners and are in good relationships and enjoy casual flings, but i cant have a relationship because i'm always paranoid i'll end up as a laughing stock and some girl will tell everyone about my penis problems.personally i'd rather wait til after my surgery to have sex, but i still want to be in a relationship and have a partner before then.i dont know how to broach the subject with potential matches.Some guys have ED as a result of testosterone deficiency, so they get prescribed testosterone treatment/injections and this usually helps.

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(You get referred to the specialist urologist, specialist then makes assessment and refers you to surgeon. I have erectile dysfunction for which i will be having surgery for early in 2016.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, it must be really difficult.

I think you could still find a serious relationship as long as your open with them from the start (not the very beginning but when the conversation starts to turn sexual).

i do my best to provide pleasure in other ways, oral sex, sex toys, fingering my partner etc.

and i enjoy that, but i never enjoy when she tries to 'return the favour'.

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