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A man whose passion and strive led him to be one of the most influential people I've come to know, beyond the simple boundaries of kpop.His love and compassion for the other members, his diligence and intolerance of a problem to go unsolved within his group for one day, earned him the title of the greatest leader in the history of kpop and the anchor of its' most legendary group.Long before Seokjin was born, or before his brother or mother or father was born, there were people.They were just like him, but their knowledge was far greater; they were organized, neat, and their smarts were unmatched.He always stands at the back or the sides, but whenever he feels Shinhwa's in danger, you find him right in the middle.Like a boulder daring anything to pass through him to get to them, and under all that tough and calm exterior, he loves nothing more than to prank others and laugh and make everyone around him do so.The way he'd instantly feel a member is upset even without them saying, his countless efforts to cheer them up and help them out no matter what it takes, showed me what true friendship actually means.

Chapter 1: Taehyung's past Chapter 2: Hoseok's past Chapter 3: Yoongi's past Chapter 4: Namjoon's past Chapter 5: The christmas one year later Chapter 6: Alternate ending; or how it should have ended according to my father Two young boys, thrust into a world of aliens, stories of reincarnation and the weight of the world resting on their shoulders.

Eric's road doesn't stop here, he's opened so many doors and ventured into different opportunities and risks.

He's embraced his multiple talents and showcased them to the world, from becoming the bright and wonderful actor he is, to becoming the face brand of so many products, to breaking his own personal records and founding his own groups like Stellar, and even writing two albums for them. Since we've mentioned writing albums, this takes me to our next segment where I'd love nothing more than to cast light on his impressive rapping talent in all Korean, English and Japanese and his great inspiration which led him to write and compose multiple songs, some for Shinhwa's own albums.

I've said before, in my previous post, how impossible it is to list all the sacrifices he's done and the amount of contribution he's put into our beloved group.

Without his determination after SM tried to break them apart, Shinhwa wouldn't be here today.

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