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it is stable though because it’s guaranteed by the ccp.

b) areas where irb has been liberalized do much better economically, shenzhen, guangdong, chongqing, while much of the northeast has barely developed.

These are some of the best comments from Basic Income, Not Basic Jobs: Against Hijacking Utopia.

I’m sorry I still haven’t gotten a chance to read everything that people have written about it (in particular I need to look more into Scott Sumner’s take). Aevylmar corrects my claim that Milton Friedman supported a basic income: Technically speaking, what Milton Friedman advocated was a negative income tax, which (he thought, and I think) would be much more efficient than basic income – I don’t remember if these are his arguments, but the arguments I know for it are that the IRS can administer it with the resources it has without you needing a new bureaucracy, it doesn’t have the same distortionary effects that lump sum payment percentage tax does, and it’s probably easier to pass through congress, since it looks as though it costs less and doesn’t have the words ‘increasing taxes’ in it.

There has been a universal employment trial in a Finnish town Paltamo, which lasted 3 or 4 years.Scandinavian countries have for some years had something functionally similar to a Universal Basic Job guarantee. Since we have been doing this for some years (and increasingly the rest of Europe likewise), we have some empirical knowledge of the pros and cons.For those interested, here is a simplified walkthrough of the system (full disclosure: I spend my working life as a health & social policy researcher – and I believe that, on balance, this policy is better than the alternatives.) 1) You start out by introducing a means-tested social assistance scheme that covers everybody – including single males at subway stations shouting GRAAAGH to passers by.For example, people ask both about how a flat UBI would be funded and why rich people should receive a UBI.Given that the tax load to fund a basic income plan would likely fall on the upper percentiles or deciles, a flat UBI an increase in marginal tax rates works out to a lump sum tax cut for high-earners and a marginal tax increase.

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