Understanding and accommodating students with depression in the classroom

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Remember: fostering and rewarding positive behavior has proven to be vastly more effective than attempting to eliminate negative behavior.Punishment and negative consequences tend to lead to power struggles, which only make the problem behaviors worse.Students with emotional and behavioral disorders often need to receive instruction in a special education setting because their behavior is too maladaptive for a general education classroom.Here are a few ideas to guide and support growth towards more positive, adaptive behavior: Teaching children with emotional and behavioral disorders can be extremely challenging.Psychiatric disorders are defined as mental, behavioral, or perceptual patterns or anomalies which impair daily functioning and cause distress.Some of the most common examples of these diagnoses include: From a teacher's perspective, psychiatric disorders present a profound challenge for a number of reasons.

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This category encompasses a wide range of conditions.

Children with this condition are not violent or aggressive, they simply refuse to cooperate with adults or peers. This disorder is characterized by aggression, violence, and harm inflicted on self and others.

Students with conduct disorder typically need to be taught in special education classrooms until their behavior has improved enough to allow contact with the general education population.

Additionally, students suffering from these conditions may be simply unable to meet academic and behavioral expectations.

In such cases, students need to receive special education interventions of some sort, and may need to be moved into a special education classroom.

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