Updating domain names

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If you have databases, you'll see hostnames listed under the name of the My SQL server.This My SQL server will either have a Shared server name, or a VPS name.First we need to create a report which explains the current forest setup. This will create an xml file with name in the path above command is executed. CONTOSO To proceed it need to be edited to match with the new domain name. Then type rendom /upload command from same folder path.To check the domain readiness before the rename process type rendom /prepare Once its pass with no errors, execute rendom /execute to proceed with rename.It will reboot all domain controllers automatically.

If you point your DNS at your current host to Dream Host before the DNS has updated on Dream Host's servers, the site will not connect.

Those can be either complete different domains or child domains.

If you going to change the location of the dc in the forest you must need to create trust relationships between domains to keep the connectivity. DNS Zone – DNS Zone files must be created for the new domain name prior to the rename process in relevant DNS servers. Folder Path Change – if DFS folder services or roaming profiles are setup, those paths must change in to server-based share or network share. Computer Name Change – Once the domain is renamed the computers host names will also renamed.

This example shows a Shared My SQL server named 'bowl' on which the hostname already exists: If you are moving Dream Press to a new domain called example.com, search for mysql. If it exists and you do not remove it, your panel will not be able to update your database with the correct hostname.

Since it will not connect to the correct hostname, you'll see a 'Error establishing a database connection' error when you migrate.

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